Eclipsophile: Climatology and Weather for Celestial Events

The solar corona at the March 2015 total eclipse over Svalbard. Photo: Judy Anderson. Processing: Alson Wong.

Welcome to Eclipsophile.

This site is dedicated to the global traveller who appreciates and seeks out the spectacles that Nature offers to aficionados of the day and night sky. In Kepler’s words: Ad rerum coelestium amatores universos.… Solar eclipses are at the forefront in these pages, but our  Universe also offers lunar eclipses, auroras, planetary transits, comets, and occultations to experience and explore.

These pages will allow the casual and experienced eclipse seeker to peer into the future to select a destination or review a past eclipse to relive the experience.

If the social side of astronomy is your preference, Eclipsophile presents a climatological assessment of North American star parties.

If holiday sunshine is on your mind, you will find global cloud-cover charts to help select your destination.

Dream, travel, explore.  You only go around once.

– Jay Anderson and Jennifer West

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Climatology and weather for celestial events