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Weather forecasts for eclipse day will be ubiquitous, with every commercial agency and government institution offering their insights to help you find a suitable site from which to watch the Moon cross the Sun.  These suggestions are a very few of those that will be available to you.

National Weather Service offices This College of DuPage (CoD) site will lead you to the state forecast offices. Click on the “NWS State Products” tab.
Storm Prediction Center products The CoD link will connect you to convective storm  forecasts for the next few days. Click on “Severe Weather Texts.”
Weather Prediction Center NOAA’s Weather Center for an overview of US weather maps, storms and other events.
NWS main site Clickable map to individual state weather offices where local forecasts will be available.
 Intellicast Commercial weather provider. Will have to drill down through several layers  to get to selected local forecasts.
Weather Network City forecasts for the USA. Somewhat tedious to find your location in a huge list, but you can watch them on their TV channel
 Weather Underground  Successive menus lead to individual city forecasts and observations.

Updated July 2017

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